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"It is our pleasure to recognize your firm’s “Quality-Oriented” work with us in the past year. Whiting-Turner is totally committed to providing its customer with the finest quality project possible and we fully appreciate the fact that this can be done with a project team that shares this commitment.”

 - Charles A. Irish, Executive Vice President, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


  "In our industry, issues are inevitable. My philosophy on this is: it does not matter how many or how few issues you have; it is all about how you respond and overcome them. For the Traville Building A project, your team did just that! I will not forget this effort and can assure you that I will be passing along my confidence in your firms whenever I have the opportunity to influence a designer or owner’s decision."

- Colin Regan, Project Manager, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


"The project is now complete and I thank you for everything. You and your team did an amazing job on the project and you were very accommodating to all the requests throughout the project. Just to point out a few things;

  • Throughout the project, your team made a concerted effort to avoid staff in their offices and even circled back to offices to avoid disturbing them at all. A MITRE staff member informed me that your team was very professional and accommodating to everyone.
  • The disturbance and noise level was very minimal and appreciated by the MITRE staff, there were no complaints of excessive noise from construction or conversation by the contractors.
  • Your team working from 4 am to noon was a tremendous benefit in minimizing the disturbance to the MITRE staff as most of the office work was completed before staff arrived.
  • I appreciate the head end work that Rob McFadden performed to program and set up all the Lutron devices prior to installation to minimize the field work. This along with his proof of concept demonstration videos were very helpful.
  • Ian Speelman took the time to ask each administrative assistant for their preferred location for their dimmer which was very generous of his time. With every administrative assistant having different furniture layouts, this mitigated any personnel having any issues with the installed location of the dimmers.
  • The team even collected all the old motion sensor devices and neatly stored them in boxes inside MITRE containers. They even labeled them to distinguish the two different types of switches to alleviate MITRE from having to unpack every switch.
  • Your team stayed on schedule and even started working weekends to accommodate staff needs.

Once again, thank you."

- Joseph Weissman, PE, LEED AP O+M - Facility Senior Electrical Engineer 


 "I enjoyed that FBH continued to look for and develop solutions to problems that were faced on the jobsite. As early as procurement with EATON lead time being so far out, FBH was always on top of procuring the equipment needed to stay ahead of construction needs. This also includes procuring lights and working in parallel with ceiling install, always moving to areas where work is available without production issues. Regarding onsite production, FBH did outstandingly well with maintain workforce needed to keep with schedule demand as the project evolved. Change orders – FBH was a fair trade partner in this job and worked with WT and the client on design related costs for the most part. Rarely did costs come up due to jobsite conditions or coordination efforts to shift things around."

- Joseph K. Letchford, Project Manager, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


“F.B. Harding’s commitment to the project’s success was evident from the day you were asked to attend a pre-construction value engineering meeting. Without the diligent efforts of Art’s and your estimating team during the value engineering phase, I believe the project would have been delayed indefinitely.” 

- Patrick F. Duffy, Vice President, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


“While I have everyone’s attention, excellent work on Saturday by Mike Regan and his team, Brian Perez, Darren Weslow, the rest of the FBH guys and Comrent.  The work went off without a hitch, great planning and execution.  The results were as expected within single digit percentages of calculations. A couple minor Starline meter issues to resolve, all in all, pretty darn good.”

- John Malloy, CxA, Critical Facilities Assurance, Practice Lead, EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc.


"They are thorough, organized and efficient.  They try to be proactive on their jobs by checking in material upon receipt.  They review for missing material or damaged material upfront so any issues can be addressed at the beginning of the project…not at the end.

One of the other ways of their efficient proactivity, is their bench testing procedure for light fixtures.  This is a big help in determining if they have received any faulty fixtures prior to going through the labor of the install.  They are team players that do their best to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  I have had the pleasure of working with FB Harding and I feel it’s been a very good working relationship.  It’s easy to communicate with them, it’s easy to get in contact with them, it’s easy to run a successful project with them.

I look forward to working with them on future projects."

- Christine DeRosa, Director of Project Operations, WIEDENBACH BROWN


“Over the past decade, we have worked with F.B. Harding electrical contractors on multiple large scale projects.  In that time, they have operated with a high degree of knowledge and integrity.

On the two most recent projects, (both headquarters buildings) the entire team at FB Harding exhibited an exceptional level of communication, coordination, and cooperation.   They went beyond best practice to ensure the finished product met the owner’s and designer’s expectations.  Their talented electrical team remained calm and dedicated, even when faced with a challenging installation or specialized light fixtures that required significant time & attention.   When on site conflicts arose, they offered suggestions and worked with the project team to resolve the issues. 

For those reasons, we look forward to working with them on future projects and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Scott Guenther, IALD, LC, Associate Principal, MCLA


"In the Spring of 2018, the building suffered two catastrophic rain events, in quick succession, … it was determined that the base building electrical infrastructure should be replaced … The FB Harding team of Mike, Tom and Art worked collaboratively with the owner’s facilities team to plan and execute the successful replacement of the 3 bus ducts that served the entire building...  This was accomplished with minimal impact to the building occupants and critical systems.  Throughout the entire process, this was a true partnership to ensure a seamless implementation.  I look forward to working with the FB Harding team on future projects."

- Hank Pohl, AIA, LEED AP Vice President, JLL


"The project team looked to proven industry leaders to physically construct the building.  For the electrical portion of the facility Whiting-Turner partnered with FB Harding as a key Design-Assist partner.  Their knowledge, skills and abilities and their relentless commitment to meet the project goals was key in the success of the project.

During the design and engineering of the project, FBH utilized the knowledge of the field team and performed numerous constructability reviews, value engineering efforts and helped identify several systems and equipment that were able to be prefabricated offsite.  The early involvement of Harding’s key craftsmen not only helped with the items noted above but also allowed them to engage in the project early and reduce the learning curve of the project ahead of when a typical electrical crew would have been on site."

- Brent Gourley, Whiting-Turner Contracting Project Manager

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