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Ellume Building A

Ellume Building A, in Frederick MD, is the first US facility for Australian company Ellume Health. The 75,266SF building was included in Project Warp Speed as part of the US Government funding efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the urgent nature of getting the building operational, construction started with the 60% design documents and the facility was manufacturing COVID-19 test kits in under 6 months. The FBH team worked closely with Morgan Keller, Ellume and the entire design team to make frequent adjustments to mitigate the impacts of material and equipment delays. The manufacturing facility consists primarily of clean rooms spaces, including massive lab rooms that can be configured with up to a dozen assembly lines. The space includes various support rooms for each step in the process such as; cold room storage, spraying, dipping, lamination, cutting, assembly, and QC. Above the clean rooms is a mechanical mezzanine that is home to 10 AHU’s that provide constant air flow and monitoring to each of the clean rooms suites to ensure a clean environment. The building was also fit out with office space to act as the new US headquarters for Ellume.