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Dulles Discovery UPS Replacement

The Dulles Discovery UPS Replacement project consisted of installing (4) 1120KVA UPS systems and (4) 2000A switchboards. The intent of the project was to install these UPS systems in parallel with the existing building power to provide a battery backup for the facility’s critical power. The biggest challenge was that the building remained occupied during the entire project. F.B. Harding took special measures to ensure the building remained online throughout the project. Also, special safety measures were taken when working inside the existing gear to complete the UPS tie in. A false floor was created for the electricians to work on. Barriers were also installed around the transformer busbars to make it safe for work to continue. The project also included transferring existing feeders from one switchgear to another which required additional coordination, multiple methods of procedures to be developed (MOPs) and multiple weekend outages. F.B. Harding worked with the end users to coordinate the outages and keep all parties informed on the status of the work. The project was completed on time with no issues, leaving the client very impressed with the quality and expertise of the installation.